Desert Streams Columbia, Missouri

Meeting Time:

Mondays: 7:00 - 10:00 pm
Starting February 25th, 2008

Meeting Location:

Eternal Refuge
1301 Vandiver Drive Suite CC
Columbia MO 65202

The Classes

A Summary of the Teachings of CrossCurrent:

Week 1 - Unfailing Love:  We examine our need to be loved and to be free to love others. We recognize how we have been wounded by love that fails and how we need to be loved by an unfailing Source, one that is deeper and truer than human love.

Week 2 - Getting Real - Jesus and the Real Self:   We discover how Jesus sees us: how He looks past our relational sin and brokenness and sees the real self. How He knows the true desire of hearts and calls us out to be in Union with the One who created us. We accept that as men and women we have been created in God's image and that we are to reflect God's glory on earth.

Week 3 - The Cross and the False Self - Getting Saved:  We come to see that there is an obstacle to our receiving God's love and to loving others well. That obstacle is the false self. We want our own way - we want to meet our own needs as we will. We resist Jesus and his truth despite the fact that we are trapped and unsatisfied by our own vain attempts at love. We realize that we can not save ourselves and that Jesus alone is uniquely qualified to save us.

Week 4 - Getting Clean - The Cross and Confession:  We accept that even though we may have joined with Jesus in resurrection life, we still bear the effects of broken and false ways of securing love. We still bear the weight and shame of sexual sin and unhealthy relationships from our past. But Jesus makes a way for us to get clean from these things through the act of confession. He takes the sin from us, then floods us with forgiveness and a stream of cleansing that washes our hearts and bodies.

Week 5 - Getting Healed - How Jesus on the Cross Bears Our Wounds:  We look at how Jesus came to bear the weight of sin: not only our own sin but the sins of others committed against us. No one makes us sin through their sin against us. But wounding can influence our choices later on. How we love today relates to our past experiences. Jesus wants us to be completely free and that same stream of cleansing that washes away our sin is available to heal our wounds.

Week 6 - Becoming Secure in the Father's Love:  We focus on becoming secure in the Father's love. In many ways we never can be secure in love until we experience God's love as our father. Many of us have struggled with God as father because our human images of "father's love" have been at least inadequate, and often distorted. To grow as men and women we must receive His father's blessing and affirmation before we can truly love others well.

Week 7 - Loving Others:  We approach the act of loving others, in a new context, as sons and daughters of God. As image bearers who's love helps others to know Him, we no longer want to love out of selfishness or as a way to ease our own aloneness. Instead we desire to please God in our relationships and friendships by making Him the center. We learn the importance of "pressing in" to the body of Christ for support and fellowship.

Week 8 - Beyond Brokenness: The healing journey facilitates this process of receiving real love and then giving that love away. When we begin to experience love in light of those particular areas in which we feel least deserving of love, it expands our compassion. Full of fresh compassion we can freely give that compassion to others.

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